Assessments Australia and Disability Services

Focused assessment and support planning services for Australia's growing disability needs.

Assessments Australia delivers assessment and planning services that underpin human services decisions throughout Australia


Assessments Australia has delivered assessment and related services on behalf of the Federal Government, Ageing, Disability and Home Care, NSW, the Victorian Department of Human Services, the QLD Department of Communities and all major state disability agencies. This independent, adaptive and collaborative experience assists people with disabilities to receive the support they need.



Professional panel of accredited experts for specialist assessment needs


Assessments Australia collaborates with psychologists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, disability specialists, speech pathologists, rehabilitation counsellors, social workers, nurses and other allied health professionals to ensure that every assessment is accurate, assured and actionable.



A complex range of disability assessments and support planning services


Assessments Australia’s disability assessment services assist state and federal agencies in their endeavours, helping individuals with high needs live a quality life and assisting those with disabilities arising from serious injury to recover in the way best suited to their needs.

Services include:

  • Scalable assessment capabilities
  • Design, management and execution of assessment consulting projects, with local, regional and head office liaison
  • Review and refinement of assessment processes and tools
  • Creation of customised data collection and management systems
  • Data collection, validation, verification, analysis, interpretation, modelling and reporting from project commencement to completed assessment data delivery.

Minimise the impact of increasing disability demands on your operations
While each assessment project reduces risk and alleviates resourcing pressures, Assessments Australia can also develop new internal processes and systems for clients. Whatever your needs, Assessments Australia can help deliver reliable, assured, independent outcomes through tailor-made systems and procedures.

Disability Projects