Child Welfare


A team of Child Welfare professionals, easing the pressure on Out of Home Care assessment needs.

Assessments Australia’s child welfare team works with Australia’s major human services agencies
Assessments Australia’s specialist Child Welfare Team is a single point of referral for timely, quality assured assessments for Out of Home Care (OoHC).  By extending the capacity of NGOs and working with major human services agencies across Australia, Assessments Australia eases the mounting pressure on stressed and stretched organisations across all aspects of OoHC, including disability.
Government and NGO capacity for child welfare assessment needs
Through a qualified and tertiary-trained state-wide team of child welfare assessment specialists, Assessments Australia implements thousands of Government and NGO assessments each year. A dedicated administrative team and purpose-designed real-time technology systems assist our partners across the complete range of child welfare requirements:

  • Relative and Kinship Care Assessments
  • Transition Assessments of Carers from Government to Non-Government Organisations
  • Foster Care Assessments
  • Step by Step Assessments
  • Restoration Assessments
  • Carer Review Assessments
  • Parenting Capacity Assessments
  • Special Needs (care+1)
  • Behaviour Modification Planning
  • Disability Assessments
  • Section 90 Assessment
  • Court Related Assessments
  • And more customised assessments upon consultation

Helping at risk children find the secure, comfortable environment they need
Assessments Australia’s Child Welfare Assessments Team is proud to help at risk children find the safe and supportive family environment they need.

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