Key Dates

PSD-AS Referral Submission Dates


Assessment Australia is contracted by the Department to manage an assessment service to support applications in the categories of Intellectual Disability or Severe Language Disorder with Critical Educational Needs. Assessments on behalf of students under these two categories must be completed through this service.



  • Referral enquiries to Assessments Australia may be made by phone 03 9663 6622, email [email protected], or online at
  • For assessments to be completed by Assessments Australia, it is recommended that all completed referral materials be returned to us prior to: 
    • Friday 18th May 2017 to support applications due on 21st July 2017.
    • Submitting referrals to Assessments Australia by this date will facilitate receipt of assessment reports by 30th June 2017, allowing adequate time for ENQ meetings and application paperwork to be completed.