Complaints Policy

Assessments Australia is committed to being open and receptive to all complaints from clients, referrers, and other stakeholders. We strongly value your feedback, and will endeavour to reach an outcome that is satisfactory to all parties and that will help us to continue to improve our service.

To register a complaint, contact us via email to [email protected]. Please include the following details in your email; name, contact details (phone number, postal address), and any additional information (such as school, organisation, and/or role) as you see appropriate. Complaints may also be submitted via phone, mail or in person.

This Policy is intended to:

  • Provide a clear, consistent procedure through which relevant stakeholders may communicate dissatisfaction regarding services provided by Assessments Australia or individuals working on our behalf
  • Allow for effective recording, monitoring and resolution of complaints
  • Outline guidelines that will govern Assessments Australia’s response to complaints
  • Ensure that all parties are aware of Assessments Australia’s complaints policy and the procedure for making a complaint

Assessments Australia regards a complaint as any expression of dissatisfaction relating to our organisation, our services, our staff, our partners, our contracted service providers or anyone else acting on our behalf


  • Assessments Australia encourages those with a complaint in relation to our services, staff or contractors acting on our behalf to express any concerns via our formal complaints procedure.
  • Assessments Australia will ensure that all complaints and suggestions for improvement are accurately recorded, considered, and retained to ensure the ongoing improvement of our service.
  • Assessments Australia accepts complaints via our online form, located on our website. Complaints may also be submitted via email, phone, mail or in person.
  • Assessments Australia will address all complaints in a confidential manner. Only individuals directly involved in making, informing or resolving a complaint will have access to information relating to the process and individuals involved. In all cases, DET will be kept informed of the nature of the complaints and the provided resolution.
  • Assessments Australia ensures that all complaints will be investigated in an impartial manner. All judgement and actions regarding a complaint will be reserved until all relevant information is gathered and considered.
  • Assessments Australia ensures that complainants and related parties will be free from repercussions, and that this will not affect the current or future provision of services.
  • All complaints lodged will be acknowledged within 24 hours of receipt, with an estimation of the time that will be required to resolve the complaint provided.
  • The PSD Assessment Service Project Manager will be responsible for ensuring all relevant parties are informed of this policy, and that these procedures are followed.
  • Where required, complaints will be escalated to DET where they will they will be reviewed in line with DET’s complaint policy.
  • This policy will be publicly available on the Assessments Australia website to ensure complainants are aware of how to register a complaint with us and the processes involved.
  • Assessments Australia recognises the right of a complainant to approach an external agency if a complaint is not resolved to their satisfaction.