Working with Assessments Australia

Join Our Team of Assessors and Support Planners

Join Our Assessor and Support Planning Team

Assessments Australia provides new and exciting opportunities to its assessments and support planning health care professionals, with diverse work opportunities across the disability, child welfare, work cover, aged care and insurance and legal sectors. Experienced administrative staff refers work for the benefit of each individual based on their location, availability, skill, experience and working situation.

Benefits of Working with Assessments Australia

Flexible Working Conditions

Assessments Australia is suitable for assessment and support planning professionals at all stages of their career.  The number of referrals received depends on each individual’s requested availability, with each referral administered on a sub-contractual basis.

  • Diverse portfolio of work suitable for all career stages
  • Freedom to accept or decline referrals
  • Minimum commitment of one assessment per month
  • Opportunity to scale hours per day or days per week based on changing circumstances
  • Professionally administered referrals with no need to personally source projects

Local Work and Travel Opportunities

Assessments Australia offers flexible work opportunities Australia-wide.  Each individual can choose to focus on local work or travel regionally and interstate.  All travel needs are organised by Assessments Australia’s travel agent.

  • Local, regional or interstate work available
  • Dedicated travel agent for travel and accommodation needs
  • Referrals requiring travel accepted at the discretion of the individual

Professional Training

Assessments Australia provides project, tool and client-specific training.  This training is documented for each individual’s future reference, with mentoring, supervision and peer-reviewing contributing to the consistent delivery of Australia’s highest quality assessment and support planning service.

  • Project, tool and client-specific training prior to project commencement
  • Peer-reviewing of every project
  • Mentoring and shadowing available
  • Individual requests for training considered
  • Regular professional development days for on-going development
  • Open forum for feedback to consistently develop Assessments Australia’s service



Highly skilled Administrative Support

Assessments Australia’s industry-leading service is built on collaboration. A peer support process assists every referral with a highly skilled administrative team responding to enquiries, providing process advice and liaising with the domain specialist.

  • End to end support for each referral and client
  • Out of hours support for assessments outside of normal specifications
  • Systematic approach to new referral sourcing
  • Financial and quoting support service focuses professional staff on the project’s delivery
  • Online Management System (OMS) for seamless reporting and project management

Why Should You Apply to Assessments Australia?
Assessments Australia is ideal for clinicians, semi-retired professionals, students or parents seeking flexible opportunities to supplement their regular routine. It welcomes applications from allied health professionals with backgrounds in disability, aged care, and insurance, out of home care, child welfare and support planning services together with professionals in other health service areas.

Assessments Australia looks for:

  • Formal assessment or planning experience
  • Passion for the work
  • Commitment to making a positive difference to human services
  • Premium professional standards

Interested in Working with Us?


To be eligible to apply for a position you must have an appropriate Australian or New Zealand work visa.
What will we need from you?

  • Your location details
  • How many hours you are available to work
  • Details of any membership you may have
  • A copy of your professional qualifications
  • An ABN Number
  • Federal Police Check
  • Working with Children Check


Please get in touch if you would like to join the Assessments Australia team.

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