Our Assessors and Support Planners

Assessments Australia seeks to work with the best allied health professionals in Australia
Assessments Australia has a team of highly experienced assessment and support planning professionals delivering quality assured results in a range of domains around Australia.
Our assessors and support planners are carefully selected and matched against project specific criteria to ensure our highly skilled, experienced, and adaptable team are always available to meet your requirements.
Why is collaboration with Assessments Australia so advantageous?
All of Assessments Australia’s professional assessors and support planners have the flexibility to work on local cases with the added support, training, and guidance that only Australia’s premier assessment agency can offer.
Collaboration with Assessments Australia gives you access to a diverse range of assessors and support planning professionals, providing the ability to match assessment requirements with specific professional experience and capacity. Our scalable team of professionals provides increased flexibility and capabilities for delivering local assessments in a timely manner.
To ensure an adherence to consistently high quality assessment results, Assessments Australia provides frequent training and professional development opportunities to all of its professionals in the use of selected assessment tools and specific client requirements for each project. All aspects are supported by our comprehensive quality assurance mechanisms.
At Assessments Australia we believe that the best independent assessment service is built on collaboration, and have established a team environment, and peer support process, that assists every professional deliver their best.
Assessor Case Studies
Assessor Case Study – Karen Read
Assessor Case Study – Sucheta



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