Assessments Australia


Assessments Australia is the premier national provider of independent allied health assessment services.  We deliver assessment and consulting services across the allied health sector.

Our services range from individual one-off assessments or consulting tasks, right through to comprehensive end-to-end assessment projects entailing thousands of critical on-site assessments across multiple states.

With offices in Melbourne and Sydney and major projects in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland, we have structured our capabilities and services to deliver specialised, responsive and scalable assessment services throughout Australia.

Our primary focus is outbound, on-site assessments, with our assessors generally being local to the project to ensure familiarity with specific regional conditions and requirements. 

We are well equipped to deliver time critical, geographically spread, complex and large scale assessment projects in support of the client's own assessment activities.

We also complement periods of peak demand on existing program resources and can provide assessment skills that may be outside the scope of the client's usual activities.

Our mission

Our mission is to deliver world-class assessment services to our clients through government and NGO service providers in areas such as disability, child welfare, aged care, education, employment, welfare, injury and accident related allied health environments.

We work through a range of stakeholders in our engagements including service users, all levels of staff from frontline service providers through to executive management, peak organisations, parents, guardians and carers as well as professional associations, commercial organisations and key thought and opinion leaders in human services.


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